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Dear Clifton Soccer Enthusiast,

We are writing you today to give you an update on Clifton Soccer and ask for your help. Clifton soccer has been a vital soccer organization for more than 40 years. We are still focused on kids having fun while learning the fundamentals of a great game. We have hundreds of kids playing on variety of teams and skill levels.

While this success is exciting, it can not grow without the continued support of parent volunteers. We are grateful to the many of you who volunteer your time to coach. Coaching is an integral part of the program. There is another area where we are in need of volunteers. There are currently five members of the board who have been in their roles for varying lengths of time. Because there has been a shortage of volunteers, these individuals have been forced to “wear many hats”. Most of them have been on the board for more than five years. Some of their children have grown up in the program and are now moving into other areas of interest. All of them will be staying with the program until their replacements are trained and comfortable in their roles.

We are always interested in volunteers for various positions. Openings may vary year to year.
• President (Board coordination. Responsible for the overall health of the organization).
• Vice President (Team assignment. Program communication. Program promotion)
• Secretary (Registration, scheduling).
• Webmaster (maintains and updates website).
• Equipment Manager (Purchase, store and inventory uniforms and equipment).
• Field manager (field reservation, maintenance, lining and practice schedule maintenance).
• Lollipop Coordinator (development of our youngest players, organizes practices, coaching and games).

By dividing the responsibilities among these many roles we can decrease the amount of workload that any one person maintains. Each requires very little of your time.

Will you please consider volunteering for one of these positions? Ideally, you would serve in your role for three years. At which time, others would be asked to fill your shoes.

To those of you who already, graciously, offer your time, “thank you”. Clifton Soccer can only be successful with willing parent volunteers. We can not run the program without your help!

If you are interested in volunteering or finding out more about these board positions, please email us at info@cliftonsoccer.org

Best regards,
Clifton Soccer Board

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